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We invest in a globally diversified portfolio of both early-stage and growth-oriented businesses across a wide range of markets, including cannabis, Asia and emerging technologies. Our approach helps companies grow, endure, and thrive as we offer not only capital but our expertise and network to provide strategic guidance in a variety of business fronts. We help our portfolio companies grow their core businesses and launch new initiatives that support their long-term strategy.


We create value by investing in great businesses where our capital, expertise, network and operational support can empower entrepreneurs and unleash the business’ potential. Just like dropping a stone in a pond, our impact spreads out like ripples, benefiting not only our investors but also entrepreneurs, their employees, communities, and so on.

Due Diligence

Our investment approach is based on a disciplined due diligence process and a thorough risk assessment.
We purposefully engage only in transactions that come about through our global network and we work only with competent, outstanding management teams.

Markets We Focus On

We focus our attention on industries that are ripe for disruption and backed by long-term structural trends. Our target investments usually come in the form of companies that leverage the internet to scale or capital efficient companies with tangible products that we can leverage our resources to help achieve commercial traction. 

We focus on founders with deep domain experience, a proven track record of success and teams with a strong history of working together.



We believe that the cannabis industry will be among the most compelling investment themes of our generation. Despite the continued uncertainty, the outlook for the cannabis industry remains positive, especially when it comes to the anticipated growth and expansion given the number of new entrants to the market. Due to the lack of corporate competitors, we have quickly made a name for ourselves in this industry having invested in and formed relationships with some of the top cannabis companies in the world.

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It is no secret that there is a massive opportunity in Asia in front of us, and it is unthinkable to not have exposure to this market at this time. We identified this trend over a decade ago and have spent years preparing for this by strengthening our presence and network in the region. We are now uniquely positioned at the forefront to capitalize off of this next wave of innovation and generational wealth creation.



The blurring of the physical and digital worlds is creating new business opportunities for companies perceptive enough to embrace options including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and smart technologies. We are focused on companies creating new business models and new ways to engage with customers, partners and suppliers within their respective ecosystems.

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